About ARTA

(Alberta Retired Teachers' Association)
ARTA has four strategic goals to support our mission and goals.
ARTA is a member-centered organization proactively identifying the needs of its present and future membership and providing information about programs and services to meet these needs.
ARTA is a leader and advocate in the promotion of wellness for retirees.  ARTA develops and implements strategies to enhance the quality of life of its members and retired people in the community.
ARTA is an effective advocate for its members and retirees with similar intrests and concerns.  ARTA is recognized as a valued and respected spokesperson on behalf of its members and those in the broader community.
ARTA is an effective, ethical and transparent organization that provides services, resources and advocacy in the pursuit or an engaged lifestyle after retirement for its members.  ARTA is recognized as an employer of choice by the business and non-profit community in the province of Alberta